the wool day

I like wool for several reasons. It's warm, durable, biodegradable, renewable and a little chaotic. Wool is a natural fiber, an animal one. Sheep eats grass to produce it. Which, I guess, means it doesn't consumes much oil or carbon dioxide. So, where it's grass there can be wool.

It's, of course, the structure and shape of wool that gives it the qualities. Wool fibers is stucturally made of a proteins called keratin. The surface of the fiber is covered with waxy kinds of scales. The fiber also has the shape of a wave or spiral which makes the wool airy and porous. The chemical structure of the fiber is hydrophile. It can attract and absorb water molecules. The molecule binds water and wool absorb up to one third of its own weight. That's why the material doesn't immediate feel wet in contact with water. And that's why wool is warm even when it's wet. The wax surface of the fiber also repeles water and therefor contributes to this. A wool shirt keeps you dryer than one made of syntetic fibers or cotton. Cotton can absorb water but though it doesn't have the wax surface it feels wet quicker.

One sunny day a year we have a wool day. My sister, mom and me. This time I've been carding and spinning. I used sheep's wool to make this yarn.

step one. Wool on card.

step two. carding.

step three. spinning the wool to one thread.

step four. spinning it into two threaded yarn.

step five. skein.

Perfect is not a watchword. Let there be a touch of chaos.


Julie sa…
What an inspiring, informative and interesting description! Thanks a lot!

Wool is so much more than just simple knitting material - A ball of wool consits of spirals, within spirals, within spirals...

When we knit we carry this sturcture on, by winding the yarn around the knitting needles. When we knit a scarf and turn it round our necks there is given another spiral. Finally even all of us consict of millions of thousands of DNA-spirals. Isn't this kinda weird:)?
Fränni sa…
what a nice tradition - the wool day. by reading this, i have to think about some nice traditions in my life... :)
Lizanna sa…
Tat looks almost like my hair ;)
Lisitalou sa…
den stora ulldagen med mor och syster. det låter fint! önskar jag kunde vara med er!
Linda sa…
Really great! Where do you get your wool from?
Anonym sa…
Helt underbara bilder!

Yeah, structure is interesting!

The wool is from Wålsteds, Dala Floda. Not only (if any) from their own sheeps. but they get the wool only from swedish sheeps.

Lisita: du är SÅ välkommen att delta!!!