Klara is the most loveable old lady and she makes this wondelful cake with cinnamon.

Place half of the batter in a baking dish, then half of the filling, then the rest of the batter, then the rest of the filling. In the oven an hour, 175 degrees.

175 g butter
2 egg
2,5 dl sugar
4,5 dl flour
1 tsk baking powder
2 tsk vanillinsugar
1 tsk bicarbonate
0,5 tsk salt
2,5 dl sour cream

Filling (mix it)
1 dl sugar
1 msk cinnamon

These days sun's almost up every hour. This is what it looked like when I went to bed yesterday. Sun on it's way up!

And god morning cinnamon cake!


Fränni sa…
i love cinnamon and this cake will be the next one i will try. thanx for sharing. :)
ruth sa…
and once again a post that makes one feel good. i'm pleased to see you writing in english so i (and others) can understand your posts (:
Patricia sa…
I love when you post recipes! I´d like to try them all out soon...:)
Joanna A sa…
Men oj så kul att se min favvokaka på din blogg :)

Den kakan har jag fått många finfina betyg på....en sån kaka som är lätt att göra å som alla verkar älska.

Kanske blir att baka en i morgon då för nu blev jag ju sugen ju!

Jule sa…
is it possible that you forgot the flour in your recipe? :) just tried to make one but it seems a little odd without any flour...
Amelie sa…
this recipe sounds really great! I'm just trying it atm. but do you really make that cake without any flour? the batter is very runny =/
Amelie sa…
thank god, I'm not the only one who has that flour-problem! :D just added some flour - hope it'll work! (:
Viola sa…
I´ve also put some flour into my batter. I took about 4,5 dl. But I´m not sure if it was enough...

Greetings Viola
OMG! forgot the flour in the recipe! lucky me, having so observant blogg readers :)
And I'm so glad you make the cake. 4,5 dl of flour it is!
Fränni sa…
oh haha, good to know about the flour and that i take a look again, because i want to try the receipe tomorrow. :D
Jule sa…
älskar, älskar, älskar din blogg! :)
linn sa…
the cake tastes delicious. thanks for sharing the recipe.
Anonym sa…
Hi, thanks a lot for the excellent recipe :) I tried it today and cinnamon cake was successful and tasted my whole family ;)
Anonym sa…
Thanks a lot for posting this recipe! I've tried it today and the cinnamon cake tastes delicious! A big applause and a warm "thank you" to Klara :-)))