Neon Green Wave

Hi I have an idea and a proposal.

In the seventies and eighties lots of people moved (including my parents) from the city to the countryside. They had children, they were growing vegetables, they wove, they played and listened to music and they discussed politics. It was called ”the green wave”. Most children (including me and my siblings) of course, moved away as fast as we could. Going for education, other experiences and jobs.

We never planned to go back but the longing for a simple life close to nature is stronger than I can understand. Why would I like to spin wool when it’s not needed? Bake bread, planting trees, build wooden stuff with your hands. Learning the names of animals and plants. Climb trees. Protect the right of public access. Understanding how and why things grow, that everything is connected and that we have to take care of this planet. Working for a sustainable world. This is what I want to give my children.

But there is a big difference between 1972 and 2012. It's called the Internet. You can get both city and countryside. That is the beauty of this global world. You can easily reach New York, Paris, Cape Town, Rio, Tokyo, Sydney. By rail and air (hopefully with a sustainable fuel in the near future), and most important: every day in your computer.

I admire my parents and their generation. Politically and philosophically. What they taught us about solidarity and sustainability. So of course, this choice is not difficult if at all surprising. I'm just grateful to be able to live in the country side and still work with what I love.

It is not a moss green life I advocate. Isolated people with no electricity or water. On the contrary, I will read the world's newspapers every morning on my ereader. The idea of ​​a neon green wave it this.

The proposal is a good, preferably free, internet. And a good, preferably free, railway net. It would benefit society as much as free libraries are. Free access of information is a human right.

It’s easy to imagine. A rushing train in the landscape, filled with people that are online in fine neon green wagons.


Bel sa…
I absolutely agree with you! We are becoming more and more used to an over-availability of everything we can just imagine. And, yet, there's a movement towards all what you wrote about. People start growing their own vegetable (again), and start using the bike more often, they tend to think in a greener way - and this is what will become even more significant in the future.

However, the internet (and new technological inventions) aren't contrary to a green living - luckily! Using my Mac at uni instead of taking notes on paper or sending emails instead of letters are just two aspects that will improve the use of sustainable methods in our lives.
And, yes, reading the news on an eReader instead of buying news in paper is great. Even though many people (including me) like to have paper in their hands when reading. However, with decreasing prices for eReaders this will probably change more and more. :-)

Nice idea that you have about the trains - I never thought about making trains free for everyone, but it really is a great idea with potential.
Awesome! I know we can make great changes like this. Help me spread it!
Anonym sa…
So true. I love the country side, but right now wie live in the city. Internet is not everywhere. Somewhere here there is nothing. So we couldn't stay connected. And our jobs can't be done from home. Which is very sad.

I started doing my own yeast for making bread. Turned out just fine.

Wow great, yeast making!
Let's work for internet everywhere.
Christiane sa…
Thanks for the great thoughts!
I´m also living in a city because of my job, but I started to grow my own organic edibles on my little balcony. Even it´s only one and a half square meters it is a potential fresh food garden.

Far away from that I think it´s indispensable that people realize that the things they need in life aren´t things. If they once understand this, the neon green train will rush over the earth like a hurricane.

So let´s spread the word and engage ourselves every day - in job, at home, with friends and strangers. We have to make the world a (neon)greener place to live!
Anonym sa…
Great thoughts!!! I simply love the way children are, who know about our earth, our animals, who can spend whole days outdoors, playing with not much more than their fantasy. It seems as if you`re giving your children such a life...

I`m from Switzerland and one of the best things about our country are the small distances! I work and study in two (!) of the biggest cities but live quite remote on the countryside. I love having both of the two diffent worlds!! Here, travelling by train is not free but we just have an excellent public transportation service. I love it! Go on
Great!!! We're on the neon green train together!
herta sa…
I like your thoughts about a neon green wave And I agree with your proposals. The right of free information is one of the most important rights in my opinion. And that's the reason why some of the "mighty" people don't like it and don't want to give it.
Anonym sa…
I'm really impressed by these profound thoughts. I always wonder about the benefits and drawbacks that modern society brings along and to me the key to a sustainable and still fulfilled life is simplicity or in other words: balance.
If I could avoid big cities, I would, because I grew up in rural areas. But still, studying and working in my hometown is just not possible for me. It's a shame and especially the lack of internet access as well as a poorly developed infrastructure make it hard to stay where your heart is :)
thanks for your thoughts about this everyone. internet access should be a human right.