Today is rainy day! Wihoo! With thunder and lightning! Wihoo! And I'm knitting mittens. The pattern is traditionally and from Rättvik. I'm thinking about the provocative terms of tradition. According to my encyclopedia, the word tradition derives from the latin word tradere, meaning transmit, hand over.

I'm thinking it's often about repeating. Which can be boring. Or meditative. It's also a way of learning. A bad thing is to use "tradition" as an invalid argument for stagnation. While I'm knitting this pattern (started off with an yet uncorrected error) I'm thinking about repetition and developement. Everytime knowledge is transmitted through a person a small, or big, modification might happen. It's developement.

While I'm knitting, me and my father are watching Metropia (great movie). That is tradition. That is me and my father watching sci-fi movies rainy days.


Anonym sa…
just wanted to say: you're great! :-)
YOU're great, my best blog readers!
Lisitalou sa…
bara den som har traditionen i fingerspetsarna kan medvetet bryta mot den. att bryta mot reglerna utan att känna till dem innebär kaos, att bryta mot en tradition som man känner kan leda till evolution! jag läser om typografiska regler. det finns regler för allt, t.ex för hur man avstavar ord: stick-or, fa-scism, häs-sja. hurra för traditioner!
lisitalou, du är så klok. och jag längtar efter dig jättemycket.