For Kim and everyone that wants to know about tvåändsstickning, twined knitting, in english. I found people that's able to explain this a lot more easily than I do, so just follow the links. Here there is an easy explanation of the basics. Here is a film that shows the basics too. Maybe you already know how to knit plain and would like to know about patterns. Here and here they show how to make "crook stitches" or "chain stitches". An "O" is just three crook stitches above each other. Like this:
- o -
o - o
with the next three on the round just beneath.
This means: Round one, knit one but hold the other yarn end on the front side, purl the yarn end on the front side and keep the other yarn end on the back side, knit one again and still hold the other yarn end on the front side. Make three others, but in opposite order, just beneath on the second round.

It's like knit one, pul one, knit one. But keep the yarn ends on each side of the knitting. and on the second round you change to purl one, knit one, purl one. And keep the two yarn ends on each side whn making crook stitches. You just take boath the yarn ends to the back again when the plain knitting continues.

Was this the question? And Is it possible to understand? Please ask again because I'm afraid a don't have the pedagogical skills that's needed. It's soooo easy really. Sad how it appears complicated when explaining. Hope it helped a bit anyway.

And every sister and brother that knows twined knitting and how to explain it: please comment and help me explain. I might continue the blog in english, to make it available for more people. That really would be a big step and progress for the laziest gal in town though...


Anonym sa…

your explanation sounds difficult but when i'll properly read through it it will become more easier..
i think i will figure it out,thank you very much :)
i think it's a great idea to continue the blog in english,because it helps people who aren't swedish to learn something about swedish knitting.
today i stumbled over your blog and i have to say that i really like it,even if i can just look at the pictures :)
and i've got a question:did you write a book?i'm not sure i just guessed because i saw this link only available in swedish?

sorry for this long messages.

greetings from france,
yes! me and my sister wrote "när det slutar regna". available just in swedish, unfortunately. it's a children's book, uncomplicated and smart ;)

hope you figure out the knitting instructions :)
Anonym sa…
maste kolla:)
Anonym sa…
varfor inte:)
Anonym sa…
Hej hej :)

Thank you for showing us your art - it is so special and elaborate - especially your fivolitätssnippa are my favourites :)

Greetings from Amberg/Germany

Elfi Werner
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